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Broken Wings

A Zak Adama Community

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Welcome to Broken Wings!
We are a Community for the new Battlestar Galactica Series' character of Zak Adama. You don't like him? Then you're in the wrong place!

Who exactly is Zak Adama?
Zak is the youngest son of Caroline and William Adama, brother of Lee 'Apollo' Adama and fiancee of Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace.
Unfortunately he died in a tragic Viper accident two years prior to the Cylon Attacks. (Which does not mean that we can't bring him back to life in any imaginable way...)

What is this Community for?
In general? To share the love for Zak Adama, who has/had way too little screentime on the show...
In detail? Fanfics, Fanarts, Fanvideos, discussions, ideas, plotbunnies, wishes, requests, hopes... about/including Zak Adama

A few Guidelines:

1. No Flaming! No flaming of community members, lj users, their work, actors or charactors of the show... none whatsoever.
2. If you post a fanfiction please label it: Title/chapter (chapters to come if possible), author, rating, characters/pairings, spoilers are pretty unlikely but timeline or universe, words, summary and disclaimer
3. Please post the actual fanfiction behind a cut
4. We welcome fanfics of all kind. Sweet, hot, dirty, angry, het, slash... but NO INCEST please. And please give appropriate WARNING if it could offend someone.
5. If you post a fanvideo please label it: Title/Artist, author, rating, characters/pairing, size, disclaimer
6. If you post fanarts please put everything that's more then 3 icons behind a cut
7. Please don't hotlink or steal! Apply to the rules given by the artists.
8. Share the love!

You have Questions, Suggestions, found something interesting for this community and want to drop the link, want me to add something to the keywords, want to affiliate.... whatever? Comment or email me at phoenix102980 [at] gmail [dot] com



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